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Mabco has teamed up with T-BROS chocolate makers who are award winners in the Uk and who they grew up in an agricultural country with pride in the fresh agricultural varieties that farmers have made. Then, when working with farmers, we are sad to see that although Vietnamese agricultural products, especially cocoa, are highly appreciated in the world, typically Vietnam cocoa is in the 28 best raw material areas in the world, but they are forced to sell cheaply, always forced in every way so that the manufacturers themselves cannot see the value of their products. We decided to invest in Vietnamese cacao and Vietnamese chocolate so that together with Vietnamese farmers, once again, make the name of Vietnamese agricultural products worthy of its stature, with all pride ... ”- Mr. TRUONG MINH THANG - Co-found.

We empower farmers to master the quality of chocolate. By pledging to ensure farmers' income, we pay the price of material purchases much higher than the market price, even twice as much. As a result, farmers like to be empowered to maximize the quality of agricultural products. They are assigned the biggest responsibilities, deciding the final quality of the product, which is the stage of selecting seeds, selecting seeds, fermenting seeds in the garden. Good varieties, good soil, now with the key hands of farmers, the product really imbued with the affection of Vietnamese farmers typical of each region ...

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Premium Vietnam Dark-la Cocoa Beans Co-op

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