We have carefully selected partners in various regions of Mexico and South America as suppliers of the best coffee beans.


Caffè Bacio


An Italian blend of 100% Mexican beans sourced from the regions of Veracruz, Oaxaca and Chiapas, Mexico. 

Cafe Cayetano


San Cayetano Colombia was established in 1910 by Tulio Ospina Vasquez, who was a pioneer becoming the first person to bring coffee into Antioquia. San Cayetano since then has become the leader in developing and updating technology for coffee production.

Compañía Cafetera
La Meseta S.A.


Compañia Cafetera la Meseta is a Colombian company whose shareholders, started as small producers. La Meseta S.A. understood and experienced coffee from its roots and with dedication, effort and confidence in the sector, has managed, despite the difficulties become one of the country's strongest export companies, with a production and export capacity of 25,000 bags monthly and a strong belief and reinvestment in Colombian coffee.

Mi Café


The Serrano family has been dedicated to growing coffee since the 70s. Mi Café offers conventional coffee, organic coffee, always with the same quality and processing, using quality equipment with advanced technology.

Café & Cacao BEO


A number of cooperatives in the western region of the country, have come together in the western region of Honduras working in harmony with the environment to process and export coffee and cocoa.