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Cocoa Beans, Coffee Farmers, and Co-ops 

We have carefully selected partners in various regions of Mexico, South America, and Asia as suppliers of the best fine of flavor beans, vanilla beans, and specialty fine coffees.




"We grew up in an agricultural country with pride in the fresh produce that the farmers produced. We decided to invest in Vietnamese cocoa and Vietnamese chocolate together with Vietnamese farmers, once again, bringing the name of Vietnamese agricultural products to its stature, with all its pride.” our coca beans coming from the Dak-lak area in vietnam 

- Mr. Truong Minh Thang (Co-founder of TBROS)

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In 2018, Ingemann was selected as a participant of the SDG Accelerator 2018 for our work in creating climate resilience in the cocoa and honey sectors which results are translated in the improvement of plantations' performance and hence more access to money for the producer for food, education, and investment in their plantations. we have 3 profiles, Chuno from San Jose de Bocay, O'Payo from the Waslala regions and O'Tuma la Dalia regions 

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Hacienda Jesus Maria


Hacienda Jesus Maria has a long history of producing award winning cocoa beans. He produces his fantastic Mexican Tabasco blend in the the beautiful southern state of Tabasco, Mexico.

Coffee & Cacao Coagrisal


A number of cooperatives in the western regions of Copan, lake yojoa, and Omoa regions were of the country have come together in the western region of Honduras working in harmony with the environment to process and export coffee and cocoa. 

 Colombia Hacienda Morumbi single Estate Cacao

Colombia Morumbi

Thai Interco Cacao Co-op

Thailand Chanthaburi

Hacienda Morumbi is a producer of Fine Aroma and Flavor Cocoa beans under a "SINGLE STATE PLANTATION" model. We have an area of 150 hectares, of which 50 are planted with cocoa and the other 100 hectares left correspond to native forests which are under environmental conservation policy.

Family farm and co-op located in the province of Chanthaburi in the east of Thailand bordering Cambodia. The beans from Chantaburi have unique notes of dried tropical fruits and brown sugar. This results in some truly unique chocolates.

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